Installers of Acid Brick Pavers and Vitrified Tiles on industrial and commercial floors.

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We install tough and durable flooring for industrial and commercial uses.

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Acid Brick

Installers of chemically resistant and thermally durable acid brick pavers.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are strong and stain resistant. A tile produced using vitrification results in a hard single mass tile with low porosity, and water absorption.

Ceramic Tiling

Professional ceramic tile installers.

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Engineered Flooring Solutions

Alamo Flooring Ltd. are installers of chemically resistant, tough, and durable industrial strength tiles. Acid brick and vitrified tiles offer a durable and dependable solution to high traffic areas that may be exposed to machinery, heavy equipment, and chemicals or acids.


Markham, ON

Alamo Flooring Ltd. installed vitrified tile on 100% solids epoxy bedding, finished with 100% solids epoxy grout.

Acid Brick Floors

The Acid Brick, or Dairy Tile, offers top protection for your floor; durable and long withstanding they're also impact, abrasion, and chemically resistant. They are slip resistant and are made with high quality materials. These floors are ideal for the food and beverage industry.

Hershey's Canada

Toronto, ON

We installed acid brick pavers on 100% solids epoxy bedding.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are dense, strong and durable with very low water absorption. They are available in many different surface finishes, colours, shapes, with varying thickness. Their strong durability, chemical resistance, and pleasing aesthetics are ideal for a wide range of environments in the food and beverage, parmaceutical, and chemical processing industries.

Amsterdam Brewery

Toronto, ON

Vitrified tiles on 100% solids epoxy bedding and 100% solids epoxy grout.

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Where coatings fail, we prevail.

Alamo Flooring has worked with leading organizations throughout Canada. Our floors are built to withstand high traffic, heavy loads, and chemical degradation.

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